Beard Jams: Gasoline by Alpine

What’s up everyone?! How is everyones Monday? I have just started finals here at school…so much fun. It’s not that bad though cause I’m really prepared for all of my finals this year. Anyways, take a break from studying and or your job and check out this awesome song called “Gasoline”. It’s by a band named Alpine.

I just heard about this band last week. We received their cd at our radio station. It’s not released for another week in the USA, but I will say it’s amazing. Definitely check it out once it is released. (Side Note: This band is from Australia. If you are reading this in Australia or New Zealand, the CD is already released in these countries so you might already know how awesome it is. USA release is set for next week)

However, this group has released a single off of the album called “Gasoline”. I immediately fell in love with the song upon the first few notes. Voices are gentle and sweet, guitar is light and simple. Once the song picks up, it blossoms into this beautiful indie dance pop anthem. I can’t stop listening to it and dancing to it. I feel like the intensity of the song is just right. It’s not too light, but not too intense either. Really great stuff. It’s been an album I have been listening to while I study for finals.

Next, let’s take a quick look at the video, and I do mean quick. Video is very interesting. Very fitting for the song. Also, the singers are absolutely stunning. Both on a performing aspect and from a beauty aspect.

I’m really digging this song. This band has been my jam for the last few days now. It’s awesome, and I really hope that they play the CMJ Music Marathon festival in NYC this fall.

Don’t just take my word for it though. Listen to it, and see what you think! Have fun and stay safe everyone.

P.S. The posts will start becoming more frequent again later this week, and for the whole summer! Also be on the lookout for a Musicbeards facebook page this summer, along with some other cool things! Bye!

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