Beard Jams: White Lies by Max Frost

Welcome back everyone! Happy Thursday. I hope everyones week has been awesome. Mine has been hectic, but thats life. Anyways, today’s song is called “White Lies”, and it’s by Max Frost.

This is a really cool song. Has a really nice modern pop sound to it. It sounds like how pop should be. Catchy, but repetitive so we can sing along and get it stuck in our head. This has got to be the most fun sounding song I have ever heard about someone lying, but I find that in itself pretty cool.

I really dig the little passing synth notes as well. I think thats what gives me the impression that it is a modern pop song, or what modern pop should sound like. This song does not sound like a top 40 song.

I’m also really digging the voice as well. Distant, and kind of sad, but strong enough to carry on in the song. (I may be stretching that a bit, but that’s what came in my mind).

Anyways, don’t just take my word for it. See what you think! Have fun and stay safe everyone. See you tomorrow.

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