Beard Jams: Another Day by Carousel

Happy Monday everyone! Back to the old grind, which for me is classes upon classes and exams…not fun. Anyways, something that is fun is this track I would like to share with you all for today! It’s called “Another Day”, and it’s by Carousel. I suppose the song matches the bands name. It’s light, fun, and will get stuck in your head causing you to sing this over and over again. The beat is very nice. Relaxed, but still has a groove to it. There are also piano/keyboard notes that get played on the off beats. The singers voice is nice and relaxing as well, which just fits perfectly into this song. I could see someone listening to this while watching the sunrise, or even getting ready in the morning. It’s a nice little song, but don’t just take my word for it. Check it out, and see what you think of it! Have fun and stay safe everyone.

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