Beard Jams: Two FIngers by Jake Bugg

What’s going on everyone? Todays song is called, “Two Fingers”, and it’s by Jake Bugg. Very cool, and chill song. I had heard of Jake Bugg before, but never had really listened to his stuff before. Then last night came around, and as I was watching Conan, (Conan O’Brien), Jake Bugg was the musical act on his show. He performed this very song, and I was like, that was pretty cool! I guess he is only 18 years old? Very cool, and good for him! Anyways, the song is acoustic folk like. It’s repetitive, but it works for this song. It has a certain sway to it where you just want to keep listening to it. This song feels very spring like to me. To bad it is winter where I am. Oh well. The song reminds me of an acoustic take of The Vines, and kind of has a modern Beatles vibe to it if that makes sense. Anyways, listen to it for yourself and see what you think!

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