Beard Jams: Don’t Move by Phantogram

Todays song is Don’t Move by Phantogram. It’s a tasty blend of Alternative pop/ trip hop. I discovered these guys when I went to see the band perform at a show. They are pretty awesome live, and the lead singer is just as stunning in person as she is in this video. Also, these people are awesome just by themselves as well. The show I went to was an outdoor show, and it was pouring rain. Despite the bad weather, when they were done performing, they stood out in the rain talking with people, and taking pictures with everyone that wanted to have a picture with them. Awesome people, and some awesome music. Lyrics are great, the music is great, everything about them is great. When you listen to them, you just have the urge to dance along and move with them. Check them out, and dance along with them.

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