Beard Jams: It’s All In The Reflexes by The Skies Revolt

Happy Monday everyone! Today’s song is entitled, “It’s All In The Reflexes”, by The Skies Revolt. These guys have a nice sound to them. I’ll describe it as quirky alternative rock/pop-rock. They have a sound that reminds me a lot of Motion City Soundtrack. I discovered these guys last fall with their “Making Moves Ep”, (Which is an ep collection curated by Motion City Soundtrack. Go check them out). I really liked the ep, and listened to it over and over again for a few weeks straight. I was sad however because they played a show by my hometown while I was away at school, and I found out they played by my house a month after the fact. I was really annoyed with myself, especially since where I’m from does not get a lot of good bands, (Hoping to change that myself in the future). Anyways, if you like Alternative rock with some added quirky, check these guys out.

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